Friday, 29 April 2011


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Mix media painting : Watercolour + Acrylic
20x 16 inc

At first I exaggerated her leg a bit too long  so I fixed it shorter and make her high heels super pointy  because I think it's would be cool that way . Her heard is painted by watercolour because the details are too small . I applied gesso and crackle paste to make the texture of the painting , I think it gives a cool effect in the painting .

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Watercolour landscape

Well, I use to paint little format watercolour painting when I have free time . Since my exhibition is coming up in two months , I am trying to produce as many as I can .  AND YUP! a lot of watercolour paintings are coming up .   :)

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Spark in The Dark

Watercolour artwork
20 x 16 inc

Biggest watercolour format that I have ever done . This was very challenging because I used wet on wet technique but however I just discovered a medium called "Gum Arabic " ( a yellow transparent liquid like oil) which gave me an advantage to control the water . Also it made the colour less transparent and even darker . I am quite happy with the result and also the little spark by gouache was a great ideal  :)   .   Yay I am happy!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Universal God

My first experimental with watercolor on gesso medium and a bit of acrylic . I had a hard time to figure it out how it works  in the beginning . I though I fail because I made the back ground sort of disconnected with the character  but my  teacher, Frank, helped me out by giving many suggestions to correct my mistake . Therefore , I adjust violet on the character so it kind of blend in the back ground .   So , this is how it turns out after having his feedback , I am so happy !   : )

Monday, 4 April 2011


One my most successful watercolour wet on wet technique I guess? how ever I think the area as  at the end of the bridge is not really well done as composition .I think I could elaborate it more detail but even if I add a darker color on top , it would ruin the spark if the painting . So oh well!

In Fashion

Some fashion design, I always desire to be a fashion designer but now I do not know how to make cloth ,so let illustrate them than ; (


School project, not really well done on the feature of the portrait I guess but I am happy with the background


First one is my school project ,double-trouble . It turn out ok I guess, but i just realize that her hand is a bit long  :(
Second one is for my color theory class .Acrylic painting

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Human and Expression

This is my first time use acrylic , it turn out ok I guess. I passed days to do the scales and I also learned that I will never paint scales again .


I got this for my Daily Deviantion from deviantart , feel so lucky  : 

Old Watercolour artworks

They are my old watercolour artworks about 3 years ago, when I just started with this medium :)


Project " Artist journal" for Claude class, but this page doesn't make sense with my entire series so I decide to take it out and make it as a personal project 


Artwork for my color theory class .