Monday, 4 April 2011


One my most successful watercolour wet on wet technique I guess? how ever I think the area as  at the end of the bridge is not really well done as composition .I think I could elaborate it more detail but even if I add a darker color on top , it would ruin the spark if the painting . So oh well!


  1. I saw your work in Montreal when I was passing through for the FIMA. I thought it was fantastic.

    As for your comments on this piece, I believe the way you left the end of the bridge going off into the white as finished. It leaves the viewer wondering what is beyond the bridge, and invokes imagination as well as emotion. I feel that this void is what truly makes this piece alive.

  2. it's awesome... awe-inspiring... I love it... the light at the end is for the mind to step into, not for you to determine... it's truly wondrous...
    Paul Bamber